Monday, September 8, 2008

Pretty in Pink !

I know only we crazies can appreciate this.... I was packing for a trip and all these old drab underthings were staring at me.... One of those crazy ideas struck me.... I need COLOR... So out came the rose dye and wa-la one hour later... I'm loven packing these.....


Angie said...

rowann your so crazy, hope you have fun on your trip and Happy Birthday!

Love the Roach bunch

Anonymous said...

qit is really lovely. i think you sould wear it on the outside

Anonymous said...

Oh Rowann they are just perfect!! Sure to put a smile on your face every time you see them!!!

I would like to thank you for being one of wonderful "gals" I have discovered in "Bloglandia" :c} It's reading your blogs that I have gained the courage to start my own. I'd like to invite you to wander over for a visit when you have a free minute. It's the ramblings of an "artsy crafty" middle age woman who loaded up the truck and move to Mexico, & our escapades as we learn to set up housekeeping!! :c}

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico