Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day...

This is Trouble and his brother More Trouble ! Punky and Buffy love to shread the TP.... what a mess . They were so proud ! This is only there third roll , do you see a trend ?


Anonymous said...

Weee, looks like fun. Wish they were at my house.

SherryRoseBella said...

soooo cute!!!! I love cats!!! My little cat, Stevie is 1 today!!!
hugs, Sherry

Tracy said...

Ohhhh goodness, makes me think you're gonna have fun keeping them out of your Christmas tree come holiday time! Good luck!
I'm so happy our cat (Sara) is out of that stage and doesn't mess with things too much anymore.
I plan on finally getting out my good ornaments this year, keep your fingers crossed Sara leaves them all alone.


Angie said...

and you thought brayden was a handful

The Plum Tree said...

What is more fun then a couple of crazy cats! I just love this photo, they are too precious.
Happy Belated Birthday!