Friday, February 14, 2014

SNOW a Porch View...

 Looking across the street...The only cars out were are Lilburn Police. Thank You for keeping us all safe !
City Hall- Police Station with Snow....Snow... Snow ! We do not get much of it in the South.  Everything stops when we do. Shop has been closed for two days. Glad to be open today ! Most of this melted yesterday , still some ice in the shady areas. I took these pictures from our new porch , we have a great view. We were among the few who did not lose power due to downed trees.

 1910 Public House opened at 4:00 pm yesterday.  Many neighbors came in for their special ! Including Us. It was good to get out and see everyone.  Great Burgers and French Fries !

Our New dealers are coming today to fill their booths. So looking forward to that ! Come on by and see.

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