Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Linen's and Lace....

 The Shop is overflowing with BEAUTIFUL Linen's and Lace. We have so many great handmade pieces for all your projects.  All these pieces took hours to create....a lost art in our instant world. Ladies would spend months crocheting bedspreads and intricate table covers as gifts and for their own homes.
  I am amazed at all the different patterns and designs.
  Victorian dresses had so many hours of handwork in them...the lace embellishment is so wonderful.

  Think of all the BEAUTIFUL tables that were set with handmade lace.
  Do not forget all the bed linens...Makes you definitely feel like a Princess.

 One can NEVER have too much LACE !

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Doni said...

Those are so yummy and I couldn't agree with you more! I never have enough! They delight me, what can I say. I would rather have more lace than new clothes! I'm sick...I know. Lovely photos...I'm in love!