Monday, April 15, 2013


  We spent a BUSY Sunday planting , sewing , and demolishing for my new old bathroom door.  PLANTING...Getting ready for our grand opening of the Community Garden on the 20th. I decided to use up some pots that we got at a garage sale to plant up the tomatoes and herbs. I will just set them in the plot as is. Still deciding how to fill up the rest of the plot. I know that I want a birdhouse on a pole and I want to plant up an old chair. It's been fun planning. SEWING... Sold the pretty green floral bed set that was on the rope bed up front so I spent some of Sunday sewing up a new set...we can't have a empty bed can we !

  This new cream and pink set came out so pretty , love the eyelet inset on the pillows.
 Planted up an old wicker chair that was to frail to sit in. I love the new coralbell varieties that are  out,  they are so pretty.   DEMO... My Hero tore out the old ( new ) door and wall to the bathroom ! Talk about no private space...Oh my. Pictures when it's done....Hope it's QUICK.

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