Thursday, August 25, 2011

Manikin or Mannequin ...

Manikin ( man' i kin ) n. A dwarf; a model of the human body for anatomical study; a lay figure used by artists or dressmakers; a mannequin or live model for displaying clothes. ............Mannequin ( man' e kin ) n. An artist's , tailor's , or dressmaker's dummy or lay figure ; a woman employed as a model to display clothes. Any way you spell it we all love them for display in our Shops ! Antique and Vintage ones are getting hard to come by. What to do ? While searching on Ebay I came across a pattern...Yes a Pattern ! I was so excited and ordered it immediately... Jackie Westlund THANK YOU.... This pattern is WONDERFUL...easy to follow , I now have great looking Mannequin's to use for displaying vintage jewelry and other goodies... The POSSIBILITIES are endless. The Shop now has a mix of old and new. To get your own pattern contact Jackie at

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Doni said...

How COOL!! I think I might have to go and check that out! I'd love to have one that I made myself. My others are just plastic shells that I've decorated, and they're nice, but not 'real' enough!!
Thanks so much for sharing the info and the lovely photos!!
Blessings, Doni