Friday, March 26, 2010

Cream = Comfort

Something about OLD LACE...that brings COMFORT... The way it catches the light..TEXTURES and PATTERNS. Someone spent HOURS in a labor of love to create it ! I DO LOVE OLD LACE... All those shades of CREAM...


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Me, too! I love all shades of white and I adore vintage lace!!! Thanks for always sharing such beautiful photos with us! I so wish I lived close to your antique mall!!!

vintagesue said...

just loving those lace colored snippets of the shop!!! i'd have to come shop with michelle from rose garden romantic for all that pretty lace!!! i wished i lived closer to the shop too. it's so pretty!!! thanks for sharing.

Doni said...

I love lace too! So much in fact that I'm going to be hosting a new weekly blog party titled "Pearls and Lace Thursday"!! Be looking for it on my blog. I'd LOVE for you to participate in it with your lovely laces!!!
Thanks for the awesome pics of your goodies!

Antique Shows said...

Hi Rowann,
Thanks for stopping by.. Your blog looks so pretty.. I enjoyed your open house, and your shop looked "GREAT", as always.

Hope you have a very blessed Easter!


Chic de Cru said...

We adore all things made with antique lace. I love your blog!!
I will certainly enjoy following it in the future. We have a 3 generation shop on Etsy called and
Have a wonderful spring day!!

Creations By Everlastingbloom said...

I love looking "inside" your shop from here. I would love to visit your shop one day. Very inspiring and so beautiful.