Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fabulous Fall Feed Sacks....

FABULOUS FEED SACKS... Jocelyn of The Painted Fern has created the BEST Pumpkins from vintage American Feed Sacks..... They are just WONDERFUL ! Get them QUICK, while the Pickings good.... FALLS ON THE WAY....


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Rowann! I was blog hopping and came across your wonderful shop! (blog) I was having so much fun looking at all your wonderful goodies, and then I noticed my blog in your blog roll. I got so excited!(Silly I guess) but I always find that so cool. I sure wish I could come over and check out all the wonderful things you have. Do you ever sell anything on-line? In one of the pics I saw a footstool covered with burlap. I've been using burlap in my home re-do lately and LOVED this idea! Thank you for the inspiration!

One more thing... Did you know that you can add several pictures to one post? I'm only asking because it seems that each photo has been posted separately. I would be happy to tell you how if you don't know.:)

Have a lovely weekend sweetie and sell lots of goodies!

My Desert Cottage

Dianne Jay said...

I just saw your recent post about the feed sack pumpkins. They are so neat. How much are they and can I order them on-line?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Denise said...

Oh girl ! Those are wonderful! I am fixing to make some pumpkins myself..... I love the fall colors and stuff..I wish I could come see you and hug your neck..... I looked at the pictures you sent the other day and again I smiled and thanked the Father God that he has blessed you!