Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning Greeting...

This morning I was greeted by CHATTER our local wild Guinea he looks like he belongs back with the dinosaurs... This is my kitchen window, 8 ft off the ground ! He flew up on the air conditioner unit to say HELLO ! My cats were so confused... WHATS THAT ? IT'S NOT COMING IN HERE IS IT ?


Denise said...

I want some Guineas real bad but I heard they are hard to teach to come home at night.. We have 10 acres and I think it would be too much fun to have them roaming around! Any ideas?

AND this morning I was cleaning my shop and was taking the packaging that the tray came in to the trash and I kept hearing something sliding around..... When I took a closer look there it was! The hanger for the tray! What a sweet surprise! Thank you so much... We were wondering what it would take to hang that.......... :)

You are special !

Bellamere Cottage said...


Blessings and smiles,

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

They really are quite a site to see... very goofy looking.

Enjoy your day-