Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top of the Morning to you...

What a wonderful Top Hat ! Cheryl has been creating... Yummy paper roses with mica and vintage lace... You Go Girl...

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Pattie said...

Hi Rowann!!

I just found your blog. It is beautiful and I have enjoyed your junking escapades :c}!! I live in Mazatlan Mexico. In Mexico vintage, retro, and antique are the same thing as saying you can't afford to buy new, so you make do. This country has recycle down to a fine art when it comes to repair and reuse, or repurpose!!! Therefore "second hand" stores are far and few between. So that means I must feed my addiction by window shopping on line. When I find something I just can't live without I must impose upon one of the "mules" (family, freinds, strangers) coming to Mazatlan for a visit!! ;c}Sending things through the mail to Mexico is EXPENSIVE :c{

Forgive me for this long winded explanation, but it does lead up to my request. Cheryl's roses are indeed awsome, and I really would love to have some. Is there someplace I could order her creations from?? If so here is my email address, or you could answer me on your blog, as it is now listed under my "favorites" !! It has become one of my daily visits :c}

Thank you so much for listening to me and for all your help:c}I'll keep watch for your "mail" Have a wonderful Sunday :c}